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Prison Food Essay Example for Free

Jail Food Essay As per Faulkner (136-137), the requirement for remedial organizations to restore guilty parties has been featured by the expanding cost of tasks just as recidivism measurements showing that lion's share of wrongdoers raise in wrongdoings submitted and the absence of social support or mix discharged offers can accomplish upon discharge (Hepburn Griffin, 57-59). This viewpoint proposes that restoration is connected to offenders’ gainful and social potential. Simultaneously, Holmes (9) accepts that the connections and skills created by the guilty party during imprisonment can fill in as establishment for social reintegration and long haul restoration. Along these lines numerous restorative offices, for example, the Northeastern Correctional Center, have attempted projects that are intended to all the more likely prepare guilty parties upon their discharge by drawing in them in the institutions’ kitchen group (Terris). Their goal isn't just teaching prisoners in the food exchange industry for conceivable business yet in addition to strengthen social bonds and self-improvement (Hepburn Griffin, 63-66). Foundation Terris calls attention to that the projects is neither novel nor one of a kind toward the Northeastern Correctional Center. Be that as it may, not at all like general kitchen obligations, prisoners coached in the institution’s Fife and Drum eatery dependent on strategies from the Culinary Institute of America by its head gourmet expert Eddie Jacobs. At the point when the program began in 1983, the goal was to instruct members in the readiness of practical suppers yet from that point forward has developed into well known and even high end food cooking. Moreover, as indicated by the program’s administrators, cooperation in the program gives members down to earth and business abilities that have stable interest and day by day applications. The program has had made progress both from the point of view of jail chairmen and prisoners. As indicated by the previous, the projects don't just connect essentially the enthusiasm of taking an interest prisoners yet has additionally been upgrading the responsiveness and investment of non-taking part detainees in existing projects. Terris additionally relates bits of knowledge from taking an interest detainee Idris Forde: Forde accepts that his in working in the Fife as indicated by â€Å"real world† situations fortifies the estimation of work just as their job in the activity of an endeavor and thus, their capacity to get beneficial and benefits the Northeastern Correctional Center as well as every single other partner of the foundation. Assessment According to Currie (185-187), investigations of recurrent wrongdoers, come back to criminal conduct is conversely identified with the degree of social combination and efficiency upon reemergence to society. Therefore, foundation of projects upgrading inmates’ competency, profitability and social investment have the capability of diminishing the dangers of recidivism. This feeling is likewise upheld by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Their examination showed that the utilization of social fortification, regardless of whether as social prohibition, direct help or coaching and capabilities or abilities improvement, diminishes powerlessness to criminal conduct by expanding the individual and social dangers of re-detainment. There is no uncertainty that there has been more noteworthy acknowledgment of the job of remedial offices in recovery, which in contemporary points of view infers fruitful reintegration and restricting recidivism. In any case, it ought to likewise be noticed that endeavor such a program has additionally huge difficulties. On account of the Northeastern Correctional Center, their moderately little populace and their jail order, take into consideration better edges for such projects. On account of high-hazard offices which might be in lockdown aside from a couple of hours daily, actualizing the program is far-fetched. Moreover, the accessibility of educators or guides for the projects is additionally a thought. In addition, jail projects and goals must be assessed in the event that they are steady with such points of view. Something else, such punitive changes can not be adequately applied or executed as an operational order for restorative organizations. Proposals One of the main undertakings to set up the centrality of the accomplishment of the Fife program is to contrast its degree of progress with comparative projects in other remedial or restoration offices. A range to decide the level of adequacy needs to likewise be built up to outline competency or viability of the projects. The following errand is to distinguish the regular parts or techniques of the best projects which would then be able to be used to form prerequisites for programs that are to be created. Notwithstanding the substance, there ought to be affectability towards the imperatives of execution dependent on jail populace, methodology of offenses and mental assessment. Incidentally, there ought to likewise be acknowledgment that in spite of the degree of info or factual importance of projects diagrams or prerequisites, there is as yet a requirement for visit affectability examinations to oblige the assortment of partners and degree open concern managed such activities. Taking everything into account, in spite of the degree of progress that the Northeastern Correctional Center has accomplished in its kitchen program, there is as yet a need to assess its drawn out viability and level application proficiency to decide the basic parts for more extensive application and usage.

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Clinical Computer Standards of Student Restorative Clinic

Clinical Computer Standards of Student Restorative Clinic Review to evaluate the clinical PC measures of the understudy remedial center in the University of Manchester dental emergency clinic Presentation: The utilization of PCs in centers is a helpful device for clinicians, anyway it can make difficulties for their clients with respect to cross contamination control and patient information security. The GDC (General Dental Council) and CMFT (Central Manchester Foundation Trust) have set guidelines for cross contamination control and taking care of patient information. These principles were utilized to survey the clinical PC use on the ground floor therapeutic facility in the University of Manchester dental medical clinic. Strategy: Clinical PCs were surveyed and information gathered over the time of about fourteen days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The PCs were evaluated utilizing an information assortment sheet. Results were aggregated and broke down. Results: 89% of PCs fulfilled the guidelines for information insurance, 57% of the PCs satisfied the guidelines for cross contamination control. End: The outcomes show that gauges for cross disease control for the PC s on the center were especially poor. They additionally indicated that measures for information security are not being met by certain clients of PCs in the facility. Activity plan: Students and staff on the understudy remedial facility ought to be made mindful of results and suggestions ought to be actualized. A recurrent review ought to be embraced in a year to screen any improvement. Foundation The utilization of clinical PCs in the dental medical clinic has a huge job in persistent consideration. With the acquaintance of programming with handle understanding notes being presented in September 2014 this is considerably more applicable than any other time in recent memory. Since understudies utilize the PCs to record all their clinical notes, there is a bigger measure of patient information being put away on them and the PCs are being utilized considerably more as often as possible. While the utilization of PCs for clinical purposes can be a valuable device for clinicians, it likewise presents new difficulties to those utilizing them. Individual data of patients ought to be ensured consistently and this implies putting away records safely where they won't be seen by different patients, unapproved human services staff or individuals from the general population (GDC, 2005) . Proper cross disease control ought to likewise be kept up when utilizing PCs on facility. Cross contamination control precautionary measures are important to guarantee the wellbeing of patients and medicinal services staff (NHS, 2010). In this way staff and understudies should know about the correct strategies to follow when utilizing the PCs as a major aspect of their clinical practices. The clinical PCs on the ground floor remedial facilities are arranged inside the clinical bayous and are available to understudies and staff during and after treatment. Access to these PCs is confined through a secret phrase sign in giving they have been logged out of. A large number of these PCs have persistent information openly available once the PCs have been signed into. Right now there is no particular guidance to understudies to log out of the machines after use. The PCs on the center utilize an ordinary console and mouse to work. This makes a potential issue for cross contamination as the PCs are regularly utilized during treatment of patients. Points and destinations The point of this review is to guarantee that CMFT and GDC measures for cross disease control and patient privacy are clung to in the dental medical clinic ground floor facility regarding clinical PC use. The target of this review is to evaluate the nature of cross contamination control systems and patient secrecy with respect to clinical PC use and to devise executions which can be made to improve practices and satisfy the guidelines set. Guidelines So as to evaluate the utilization of the clinical PCs inside the helpful center I have utilized approaches and norms set by the CMFT and GDC Nationally. The CMFT have approaches on cross disease and patient information assurance accessible here: of-data/our-approaches and-systems The approach report ‘Records Management: NHS Code of Practice’ plots that gear used to store records ought to give stockpiling that is sheltered and secure from unapproved access and which meets wellbeing and wellbeing guidelines. The NHS approach record ‘standard disease control precautions’ gives direction to the best possible cross contamination control systems for care gear accessible: The General dental chamber additionally has set norms for every single dental expert to follow and has a report accessible which diagrams the requirement for quiet privacy and the obligation of dental experts to look after it.[1].pdf All understudies and staff utilizing clinical PCs should fulfill these guidelines. Technique The review was done reflectively. An aggregate of 45 Computers on the ground floor helpful facility were evaluated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening for about fourteen days. PCs were evaluated utilizing an information assortment sheet (reference section 1). Information from the assortment sheet was assembled and investigated. The information assortment sheet assembled data for the accompanying classifications: Cross disease control PC equipment which must be contacted for use for example Consoles and mice were checked for suitable boundary monitor assurance and cross contamination control systems. PC consoles must have obstruction assurance as fitting cross contamination control can't be accomplished by cleaning with disinfectant because of the structure of the consoles being utilized. The mice which are utilized can be cleaned thus understudies were inquired as to whether they had cleaned the mouse after use. Understudies were additionally inquired as to whether they had cleaned the plastic front of the consoles. Consoles which didn't have boundary security and those which did and were not cleaned were regarded to not fulfill the guidelines of the CMFT. Mice which were not cleaned with disinfectant were likewise esteemed to not fulfill the guidelines of the CMFT. Information assurance PCs were evaluated to check whether the clients had logged off after use. PCs were additionally surveyed to check whether there was actually recognizable patient information open without limitation. Any PCs with unlimited patient information were considered to not satisfy the guidelines set by the GDC and CMFT. Results The outcomes from the assortment sheet from every one of the 6 days were accumulated to give a normal over the fourteen days which were changed over into rates spoke to in the diagrams underneath. Cross Infection Control This diagram shows the level of the PCs which had a plastic boundary monitor security over the console toward the finish of the meetings. From the information gathered a normal of 24% of PCs in the ground floor helpful center had no obstruction assurance during the clinical meetings. Of the PCs which had hindrance assurance I asked the understudies from these bayous on the off chance that they had cleaned the plastic boundary watch with disinfectant, the outcomes are demonstrated as follows. The diagram shows that on normal over the fourteen days 18% of the consoles with boundary insurance were not cleaned with disinfectant toward the finish of the clinical meeting. The entirety of the mice for the clinical PCs in ground floor remedial have no boundary insurance thus understudies were inquired as to whether they had cleaned the mice toward the finish of the meeting, the aftereffects of which are demonstrated as follows. The information gathered demonstrated that on normal over the fourteen days 21% of understudies had not cleaned down the mice with disinfectant in the wake of utilizing them. PCs which didn't have boundary security for the console and those which did yet were not cleaned just as those with mice that weren’t cleaned were considered to have unseemly cross contamination control. The all out outcomes spoke to as a rate in the outline beneath. The information gathered demonstrated that altogether 43% of PCs being utilized in the ground floor therapeutic facility were not satisfying CMFT guidelines for cross disease control. Information Protection This diagram shows the level of PCs which were logged out of toward the finish of the clinical meetings over the fourteen days. The information gathered shows that 52% of PCs on ground floor therapeutic were not logged out of toward the finish of the meeting making a potential information security issue. PCs were likewise surveyed to check whether any by and by recognizable patient information was openly available without limitation, results appeared as a rate in the diagram underneath. The information gathered demonstrated that 11% of the PCs on ground floor remedial center had actually recognizable patient information unreservedly open without limitation and therefore these PCs were considered to be unbound as far as patient information insurance. In this way these PCs don't satisfy the guidelines set by the CMFT and GDC for understanding privacy. End Utilizing the rules set by the CMFT and GDC I have surveyed the clinical PC guidelines of the ground floor helpful facility with respect to cross contamination control and information insurance of patients. The outcomes show that lone 57% of PCs in the ground floor therapeutic center satisfy the guidelines of cross contamination control. This was for the most part because of obstruction monitors on consoles not being utilized however it was likewise the situation that understudies were not utilizing disinfectant wipes on both the consoles and mice. 89% of the PCs satisfy the guidelines for information insurance. The staying 11% was a consequence of patient information being available legitimately from signed in machines in this way the data was not made sure about. The outcomes demonstrate that there is noteworthy improvement to be made in the acts of staff and understudies utilizing the PCs on center to all the more likely secure patient confi

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Essay Topics - Which One Is Best?

Essay Topics - Which One Is Best?There are various topics on education for the essay, but which one is the best? It really depends on the kind of essay that you want to write.For example, if you want to write an essay on the concepts and terms used in the field of science then go for topics such as biochemistry, anatomy, cell biology, genetics, physics, astronomy, etc. and in the humanities, you can also talk about literature, politics, religion, philosophy, history, etc. for essays. The aim is to reflect the various topics of the subject in the essay.Sometimes it might seem difficult to choose a topic, especially if you are new to the subject or if you want to experiment with a new area. For that you can try searching through the newspaper to see what topics are covered. If you have a good knowledge about the subject then you can also search through the Internet for different topics.It is always better to choose subjects that are related to the one you are writing the essay about. F or example, if you are writing about the concept of creativity and discovery then you should make sure that the topic you choose is related to the one you are writing the essay about. If you are writing about the art of cooking, you should also include a related topic to your essay so that it can be easily read by the reader.The next thing that you need to do when choosing topics for the essay is to know the deadline that the essay will be required by. If the deadline is in a month, then you can choose the topic that suits your leisure time, but if the deadline is in a year then you must focus on the topic that you will be required by. Otherwise, the entire idea of your essay might change because of that.Lastly, you can take advice from the experts and ask them to select the topic that you should write. They might tell you that you should start writing the essay from the place where you finished the high school exams. That is because they are usually the smartest people and can help you in selecting the best essay topic for you.By following these guidelines, you can write a great education for essay and enjoy your life. Just remember to plan the topic well so that you can focus your entire attention on the topic. These tips will help you find the right topic for your essay.

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Media Violence is Not the Problem - The Problem is in Our...

There are many examples that Americans commonly associate with growing up and coming of age; getting a driver’s license, seeing an R-rated movie, registering for the draft or to vote, buying guns, killing classmates†¦ Indeed, the dramatic increase in school shootings during the 1990s, in conjunction with the technology boom, drew much attention to mass media violence. Does media violence perpetuate aggressive behavior in its viewers? If so, to what extent? Do viewers retain models of behavior from their exposure to media violence? Do these models resurface later on during their coming of age? These are hard questions that may not have definite answers; however, a clear analysis on many studies reveals that we’ve only begun to scratch the†¦show more content†¦Who’s to blame? The Culprits Many Americans, particularly parents and politicians, were displeased with the amount of violence depicted in the media. In terms of violence in music, many turned around and blamed shock-rockers such as Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, and KMFDM. This, despite the fact that Harris and Klebold were not Manson fans, is a rather selective judgment. As Brooks Brown, a close friend of Harris and Klebold, and Klebold’s childhood best-friend, wrote in his book he co-authored with journalist Rob Merritt, No Easy Answers, â€Å"Music creates an emotion, whether it’s anger, sorrow, thoughtfulness, happiness, or humor. What people do with their emotions is up to them. But music doesn’t tell people what to do† (17). As for video games, it was common knowledge that Harris and Klebold were video game fans of the first-person-shooter genre, such as Doom and Duke Nukem. Again, Brown writes, â€Å"Video games may have given them a place to direct their rage—but somethin g else caused their rage in the first place. Something caused them to cross the line of fantasy and embrace imaginary worlds like Doom and Duke Nukem as an alternate reality† (Brown and Merritt 39). On the other hand, statistics show that the average American child will view approximately 200,000 acts of violence on television, which includes 18,000 murders, by the time that child reaches eighteen (Schooler and Flora 277). With so much exposure, it would be foolhardy to totallyShow MoreRelatedYouth Violence: Identify the Cause and Work Towards Prevention1494 Words   |  6 Pagesdictionary, Violence is the exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse. Violence is often a behavioral response that children are taught to use in order to achieve their goals. On the other hand, violence can become a routine and automatic way of coping with stressful situations for some children (Youth Violence and Suicide Prevention Team 1999). You violence is an old problem that is frequen tly an issue over which there is much debate. Unfortunately, the increasing violence amongst childrenRead MoreIncreasing Violence in Youth Culture Essay1093 Words   |  5 PagesIncreasing Violence in Youth Culture In Bradbury’s dystopian classic, Fahrenheit 451, Clarisse says â€Å" ‘I’m afraid of children my own age. They kill each other’ † (Bradbury 27). Bradbury claims through Fahrenheit 451 that our society is becoming increasingly violent in youth’s culture. Furthermore, common sense seems to dictate that as technology advances violence, increases as well. Although schools are considered to be the safest places for children, media, behavioral problems, and influences insideRead MoreViolence and Education; School Safety937 Words   |  4 PagesViolence and Education: School Safety The most recent shooting at the elementary school located in Newtown, Connecticut have shifted our focus on the question of whether or not we are doing enough to protect our students in our schools across the nation. Every morning, parents send their children to school every morning trusting that they will be returning home the same day, but as we all know that isnt always the case for some. The tragedies that have taken place show that we need to pay moreRead MoreThe Issue Of Teenage Gun Violence1320 Words   |  6 PagesTeenage Gun Violence Nicole Minor Union University . Abstract Teenage gun violence is on the rise. Gun violence has become a major problem for America. We have more privately owned guns than any other country. This could be one of the reasons that guns are being used by teens, because of the access they have to guns. The availability of guns to our youth is making the world unsafe. Although lawmakers are working on gun control laws, I wonder is the problem too far goneRead MoreEssay On Teenage Gun Violence1314 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Teenage gun violence is on the rise. Gun violence has become a major problem for America. We have more privately owned guns than any other country. This could be one of the reasons that guns are being used by teens, because of the access they have to guns. The availability of guns to our youth is making the world unsafe. Although lawmakers are working on gun control laws, I wonder is the problem too far gone. Social Welfare Issue: Teenage Gun Violence Teenage gun violence is caused by individualsRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society Essay1691 Words   |  7 PagesThe evolution of social media has been a controversial issue over the years. Since its beginning, it has had a historical impact on everyday life by changing the way we talk and interact with one another. Social media represents both positive and adverse effects on society, but does one side tip the scale more than the other? Online social media surrounds almost everyone in the modern society, and its worldwide popularity has empowered all generations to be connected and actively participate inRead MoreThe Corruption of Media690 Words   |  3 Pagesof Media I came up with a problem that concerns many parents. It seems as though violence plays a role in the lives of many people. Even innocent children are affected by the negative things that go on in the huge world we live in. Television violence is often overlooked because of its ability to retain children’s attention. Countless mothers and fathers put their children in front of the television so they can have time to themselves. As a result, the kids are subjected to unnecessary media violenceRead MoreEssay on We Must Reduce School Violence647 Words   |  3 PagesThe focus of American schools these days have so changed from the â€Å"basics† of teaching children to read, write and do arithmetic. Instead of just being an academic institution that is entrusted with teaching our children skills that would enable then to be intelligent contributing members of society, the schools are now looked at as â€Å"extensions of the community†. Therefore, according to John De wey, â€Å" schools should share social burdens and be responsible for equipping children with skills necessaryRead More Essay on Gender and School Violence1060 Words   |  5 Pagesrecent acts of violence by children have prompted us as a nation to look at the causes and possible solutions to this crisis in our schools. In fact, according to Public Agenda, a national organization that conducts public opinion research on educational issues, school safety was identified as the most important issue affecting schools by those surveyed (Johnson Immerwahr, 1994/1995). Yet school violence does not exist in a vacuum. It is directly related to the violence in our society. And forRead MoreShould We Blame Television1210 Words   |  5 PagesTelevision? The amount of violence shown in the media has posed a lot of controversy. Many video games, television programs, adverts, films and music lyrics depict different forms of violence. Some people feel that there is too much violence exposed in the media. Many studies have made the claim that the media is responsible for much of the violence seen in the world we live in. However, people have choices and responsibilities, we cannot allow ourselves to blame the violence in the world on such things

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The Life Of An American Literary Icon - 1206 Words

Neelee Harrison Honors English 9 19 April 2015 The Life of an American Literary Icon I think there s just one kind of folks. Folks (Lee 304). Harper Lee is one of America s most famous and beloved writers of her time. She has inspired people with her unique down-to-earth writing voice and her presentation of the rawness of people and life in general. Because of Harper Lee, America has learned to appreciate the differences in others from ourselves because you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view (Lee 39). Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28, 1926 in the tiny southern town of Monroeville, Alabama (Harper Lee). Her father Amasa Coleman Lee, had many occupations. He was a†¦show more content†¦Truman and Harper grew up to be the best of friends (Harper Lee). Truman became her inspiration for character Dill in her bestselling novel, To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee Biography List of Works, Study Guides). During high school, she became fascinated with literature and writing (Harper Lee). After graduating high school in the class of 1944, she went to Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama to study (Harper Lee Biography List of Works, Study Guides). After studying a year at Huntingdon, she transitioned to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa (Harper Lee). While at the University of Alabama, she began to go after her true calling to write (Harper Lee). She decided to join the college s newspaper team called, Rammer Jammer, and its magazine (Harper Lee). Later on in the years, she became the newspaper s editor. During her junior year at the University of Alabama, she was accepted into the college s law school while she was still an undergraduate (Harper Lee). Harper accepted the offer but became completely fatigued because of the hard work she had put into law school. She then had to quit her job as the Rammer Jammer s editor because of the school s orders (Harper Lee). Later on, she went to England s Oxford University to study abroa d for a year (Harper Lee Biography List of Works, Study Guides). After studying at Oxford, she returned to her law studies at the University of Alabama. At the end of her

Brandon Suing Essay Example For Students

Brandon Suing Essay Reality T.VWhy do people watch Reality T.V.? What makes it reality? If it isreality, whycan we separate our lives from theirs? Reality shows arent really reality,they just depictsmall pieces of real life. Most people think of it as just an ordinaryshow. Others see it assomething that they can relate to everyday life. Given this; there aredisputes while livingtogether, arguments, and actual fistfights can break out when viewing thesetypes ofshows. Sounds like real life right?When you actually put time and thought into it before you watch it,(most peopledont analyze the tendencies of these shows) you begin to notice that adesignatednumber of people might act the same way in a different show, or may actthe same way,every time. These characters are developed as the show progresses, gainingspecific attitudes. The characters consist of the witty, shy, smart-assedloud mouth, anda relatively mellow character. All must have encompass some traits; if theydidnt, itwouldnt really appeal to the v iewers. You cant make money out ofsomething peopledont watch. The way society is designed, most people watch what is shoved intotheir faces,and watch what is given. To watch these shows, you need the I.Q. of 1. Whydoes theirreality differ so much from ours? Society also determines how the people inthe showsact during the course of it. For instance, if two people are beingevaluated, and they getbad reviews, the editors of the show clip out parts that are irrelevant,and they showparts of that person that would make them more appealing to the viewers. This isnt right,adjusting the way that a person is shown so that they be more appealing,with or withoutthe persons consent. This cant be real, Dramatizing people for the solepurpose ofentertainment. Racial issues are in this as well; most shows consist of a variety ofnationality. They try to have at least one of each of the ethnic groups. This way, theshow may drawattention from viewers from different races. From my personal view, thedirections ofthese shows are headed down a one-way street, theres hardly any characterdevelopment. Most of them center on just a few themes, including danger, dating andfamily feudsituations. This goes on and on from one show to the next. This isntsomething that wehave to struggle to understand. The shows require a little directing and alittle fewerscreen writing. They compete for prizes which vary (cars, to money, even ahusband / wife!). Then to add to the drama, they add a twist; a person hasto vote off theirfriends, or the one least liked, some are even voted off by the actualpeople who watchthe show. All in all, reality T.V. may be something that you and your friendsand family cansit back during the day to watch just to get a kick out of it. As for thereality part, youmay not find that much, if any at all. It may be the new thing in T.V., butits still got along way to go before it deserves the name Reality T.V..

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Why do people watch soaps Essay Example

Why do people watch soaps? Paper Soaps are a genre of T. V programme based on real life situations and feature regular characters which viewers feel they can relate to. Each soap is shown at least thrice weekly and are ongoing. The storylines vary but are based in the same place for every episode, for example, Eastenders is based in a fictional place called Walford. Most soaps are based in a fictional place but that fictional place is based in a real place like Coronation Street is based in Weatherfield which is in Manchester and Eastenders in Walford which is in the east end of London. Originally soaps were created to listen to on the radio for women in America to listen to whilst their husbands were working. They were usually by a soap company which is why the name Soaps is used to describe that particular genre of TV programme. Today, soaps are created for the majority of society. They have a character to suit everyone whether it be teenager or O. A. P. The characters of soaps keep the audience glued to the screen. They are an important part of the reason why people actually watch soaps. The audience feel they can identify with characters and feel the need to watch them as if it would happen to them. We will write a custom essay sample on Why do people watch soaps? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Why do people watch soaps? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Why do people watch soaps? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Even if there is no character in the sea of personalities then no doubt viewers will enjoy watching the lives people they like or even hate as every character leads a busy and interesting life. Characters range from babies to O. A. Ps and new ones are introduced and killed off every few months. Each soap usually contains the typical love rat businessman like Steve Owen from Eastenders, the hard done by wife like Lynn Scully from Neighbours, the mischievous oldie like Betty Armstrong in Emmerdale, the confident young woman like Geri in Hollyoaks and the wise old lady who solves everyones problems like Rita in Coronation Street . Storylines are the anchor of the soap, without interesting storylines no one would watch it. New storylines are introduced every week and there are usually about three or four stories happening at one time. One will just be starting, one will be developing, one will be in the middle and one will be concluding so the audience dont get bored and keep watching the soap. If someone misses an episode it wouldnt matter as much as it would in a drama series as the characters are forever referring back to what happened the day before and the week before so viewers dont trail off and stop watching the soap. To keep the audience watching, every episode will end on a cliff-hanger, for instance, recently a Hollyoaks episode ended with a car crash with both victims covered in blood and one unconscious. Viewers would want to know what happened to both victims and if the passenger that was unconscious survived and the only way to do that is to watch the next episode. The audience would recognise the soap if they got shown a picture of a meeting place featured in the soap. This is why the setting needs to be regular. The audience watch it in the same place every week and become familiar with it all. Most soaps are based in a fictional place usually in a real place like Emmerdale is based in Emmerdale in Yorkshire. People will enjoy watching how the producers convey how they live in a soap based where they live also. The soap is usually set in a compact site. Everything is close together and if a regular viewer of the soap was placed in the area it was set then they would undoubtedly be able to find their way around and where everything is, including meeting places. The meeting place of a soap is where the characters are usually seen together. These locations are places like the pub, the shop, and the cafi. In Eastenders the main meeting places other than each others houses are, The Vic which is a pub, The Cafi and in the market . In Coronation Street the meeting sites are The Rovers Return, the shop and other such locations. Soaps confront lots of issues. The issue of H. I. V was first confronted in Eastenders when the character, Mark Fowler revealed he had the disease. This helped people become aware of the disease and viewers who have it feel more at ease and even admit they have it. This is the case for all issues in a soap and issues that have been brought are as follows, female rape, murder, adultery, incest, homosexuals, teenage pregnancies, kidnappings and suicides. All these issues can be used as a comfort who think that their lives are bad until they watch their soap and realise they are much better off than these victims. This is a good reason for why people watch soaps. It also encourages people to admit their problems and talk about them. Soaps keep the loyalty of their viewers by showing them what they want. The secure new viewers by making watching soaps almost completely unavoidable for people who watch prime time television as a soap fills almost every time slot on terrestrial television channels. For people who live alone soaps are almost friends and they will tune in everyday to watch, as soaps are always reliable and uninterrupted except for adverts. If you watched Coronation Street last week on Wednesday at a certain time then it is guaranteed to be on the same time next Wednesday. As Eastenders slogan says, Everyones talking about it which is completely true. People always talk about soaps as if they are real realistic soaps are. If you dont watch soaps you are less likely to have something to talk about with colleagues or friends where as if you do it can always be brought up as an interesting topic of conversation. By watching soaps people can forget their own problems and enjoy nosing into someone elses. It could be described as a sort of escapism. As more and more soaps are introduced the more popular they become and harder to avoid. The new soap, Night and Day could be used as an example. People watch them for all sorts of reasons and things like, the way they deal with real life issues, use realistic characters that people feel they can relate to, how they always keep you in suspense at the end of an episode, the way they deal with more than one storyline to keep people interested, how people can escape to them and forget their own problems for a while, whilst getting the assurance from the soap that other people are much worst and finally how it is a much talked about topic and if an episode is missed you will be an outcast from the conversation. You cant afford not to watch soaps!